1004 Ways to Cook Fish.

"You don't go fishing just for the fun of it do you?"

None of us catch fish every time we go out, if we did it would be called catching wouldn't it.

However, when we do catch fish we do like to eat them don't we.  Well, not all of them but certainly some of them.

I love fish, I much prefer fresh fish and my absolute favorite is fresh fish that I have caught.  Sometimes I just fry the fillets in butter, put a squeeze of lemon on and then just a little salt and pepper.  Wonderful.  Makes me hungry just writing it down.

However, I also like to experiment with other recipes particularly when there is company coming.  Here I am presenting for your enjoyment a collection of 1,004 ways of preparing fish for your table.

1004 ways to cook fish

How to Cook Fish - 1004 ways.

These range from sauces and bullions, to roasting and broiling and everything in between.  You must be able to find at least one you love and quite a few you only really like a lot.

What type of fish do you catch?  There are ways to prepare, cook and serve Anchovies, Bass, Blackfish, Bluefish, Butterfish, Carp Catfish, Cod fish, Eels, Finnan Haddie, Flounder, Haddock, Halibut, Herring, Kingfish, Mackerel, Mullet, Perch, Pickerel, Pike, Pompano, Red Snapper, Salmon, Salmon-Trout, Sardines, Shad, Sheepshead, Skate, Smelt, Sole, Sturgeon, Trout, Turbot, Weakfish, Whitebait, Whitefish and Whiting.

In addition there are 100 recipes which can be used on almost any type of fish you may catch so you should be covered.

So what is this worth to you?

You could buy a fish recipe book for as much as $495 but you still only get 200 recipes, that's only a quarter of the recipes in this book.

But you won't have to pay that much to get this one, nor will you have to wait as this is available for immediate download.  No, you can get all 1,004 recipes on your hard drive in minutes from now for only $24.95.

This book comes in PDF format so it can be read on all computers and most PDA's or mobile phones.  Get it now, be tasting one of these delicious meals in a matter of hours.