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Make sure you open the files when you download them so you can repeat the download if the files become corrupted during the download process.  These bonuses are pdf downloads, to download them just click on the image or the links.  Save them to your hard drive where you can find them again.  You'll need something to read the pdf files, usually Adobe Reader but there are many others so whatever you have that works is fine.  Just double-click the file to find out what is installed on your computer.

Any problems you can contact me through the website
or email  Yep, I'm a real person with a
real email address and I really answer emails.

Feel free to come back to the website and leave a
comment, with pictures if you like, to brag about your home made lures
and show us the fish you caught with it.

Good luck with your creations and your fishing.

Download #1 - How to Tie Flies.