How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures.

There are tricks to getting the lures you make working right. They have to swim with a natural wounded fish action. They have to stay together when a hungry fish attacks it and long enough for you to get that fish landed.

Here are two e-books that you can download to your computer right away. You could be making your first lure tomorrow if not sooner.

One of these books is all about making lots of different wooden lures. They both have all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to be very successful right from the first lure you make. They are loaded with all the best information to help you choose the best wood, determine the exact right place to put the tow point, where to hang the hooks, how to shape the wood in a consistent manner so you can create the exact same pattern over and over and only take 5 minutes per body.

You can almost do this while watching TV it's so easy when you have all the secrets of the big manufacturers to hand.

How would you like to be comfortable casting your lure into the exact right spot to catch the big fish knowing that the lure you made is so cheap that if you do lose it who cares? Guess what, with one of these books you'll have a tackle box full of these inexpensive lures and you'll catch more fish because you'll have more confidence with your casts.

To get your hands on these secrets, click this link and pick wooden, plastic or both.

Get Access to Make Your Own Fishing Lures.