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May 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Sea Fishing Lures

My very first sea fishing tackle box I made myself.  It was a heavy wooden box with a rope handle.  I threaded the rope handle through a copper tube so the rope wouldn't cut into my hands and it wouldn't rust in the salt air.

I used to carry that very heavy tackle box for about 1 mile from the trailer park to the pier and back.  It was so robust that I also used it as a seat when I was fishing, not so good when you've just caught a squid and there's ink everywhere.  In those days squid was for bait, not eating.  What a terrible waste of good food.

These are the things that I have determined absolutely must be in my sea fishing tackle box as a bare minimum after many years of not having them available when I wanted or needed them.

Remember your tackle box isn't a box just to hold your hooks, bait and your favorite sea fishing lures. These things should also be in your tackle box.. 

A good solid general purpose knife.  This is not your cleaning or filleting knife, this one is for all those things which need a strong blade.  Cutting bait, cutting off that skate or sting ray or just cutting off the tangled line.  Don't throw that in the water though, take it back to shore and bin it.

A small file.  I like to have a dual sided file.  I want a rough side for fast shaping and a fine one for sharpening.  It is amazing how often I grab the file for some simple task like adding a good point to a set of hooks or putting an edge on my knfe.  Some folk like to have a file in a multi-purpose knife but there is on major drawback with this.  Can you spot it?  Yep, you cannot sharpen your knife blade if it is in the same tool as the file.

You will definitely need a good pair of needle nosed or pointy pliers.  You use these for removing hooks from fish, jacket or your ear.  Getting a good pair will more than likely also provide you with a reasonably good pair of cutters.

You will need to carry sunscreen, I know you're tough as old boots but you might have someone else there with you and it can get very burny when you spend the day looking at water.  A good sunscreen is essential, 30+ SPF rating or better if you can get it.

The other thing you cannot do without and hope you never need to use it is the First Aid kit.  You'll need to have it stocked with general items such as something for a headache, something for reflux acid some bandages of various sizes cotton balls and antiseptic.  Other things you can add as you get more accustomed to having it available.

I trust this helps you with the essentials you need to have in your sea fishing tackle box before your next trip.  You may prefer to have a series of those little plasctic boxes with the compartments so you can keep all your items in as close to perfect condition as possible.  All your sea fishing lures in one box, your hooks in another, perhps with the sinkers etc.

Regardless of your sea fishing preference, shore line, pier or boat if you have your sea fishing tackle box with you, you have the essentials easily at hand.

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