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Why would you make your own fishing lures?

Did you stop fishing on your last trip because you ran out of lures to fish with?  Have you pulled up your anchor and moved your boat to attempt to un-snag a stuck lure?  Perhaps you might have waded into cold water over slippery rocks in an attempt to retrieve a lure? 

I have in the past and I hate it when it fails and I lose yet another lure.  Particularly when they are those expensive store bought ones.  That's why I have become very interested lately in making fishing lures for myself.  I have done a fair bit of research, I am by nature an information seeker and a pedant, and I have found it fascinating that there is very little information online about making fishing lures.

I remember when I was a teenager I made a lot of sinkers by melting lead from car batteries and pouring it into a dessert spoon and then drilling a hole for the line.  I don't suggest that you do it this way, it works but I think there are significant health and safety issues with it.  Car batteries are full of acid salts and dangerous to break apart, melting lead requires proper crucibles and you need to wear heavy leather gloves and apron and proper eye protection and it's still hazardous.

I clearly didn't want to go down that path but I did want to make good solid plugs for freshwater and saltwater use.  I wanted them to be able to be repaired when they got badly chipped or corroded or otherwise damaged.  I didn't want the leader to be the strongest part of the lure and I wanted to be able to use split rings so I could experiment with different hooks from 1/0 trebles to 3/0 singles.

All those decisions about snap rings, split rings, stainless steel leaders or nylon leaders, screw in eyes or through body lines.  What bibs to use or not, what material to make the lure from wood, plastic, metal or a combination?

So what did I find out?  I found that making your own lures is a really good plan and 100% do-able with simple tools at home.  You can make them so cheaply that you can have 20 or 30 ready for your next fishing trip and they actually work very well, in some instances better than a bought one.  I learned more than I thought possible about the repair of fishing lures

You can make lure moulds using an existing bought one and car body putty as long as you make sure you can split it in half.  That way your get to keep your mold and reuse it for the next fishing lure.  You can churn out endless copies of an effective and inexpensive sea fishing lure.  It's possible to make a plastic extruding gun from one of those heat glue guns you can buy for very little almost anywhere.  I think that I prefer to use a lower heat method and make either plastic from the chemical constituents, buy from most hobby or craft shops, or use a low heat to melt existing plastic and pour into the mould.

You may prefer to make your own wooden fishing lures such as poppers or plugs and you can do that easily as well.  You won't need any fancy tools or woods.  Lures can be made from wood as diverse as balsa, pine, western red cedar, spruce or pretty much anything.  Yes they all float and cast differently but there are sneaky tricks to balance them, make them float in a natural manner and dive or rise at your command.

It really doesn't matter if you are making a plug for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing spinners, bass fishing lures, inexpensive fishing lures with stainless steel wire leaders for metal squid jigs or hair and feathers attached to a bass bug.  You can make your own fishing lures with simple hand tools and perhaps a soldering iron.

Can you imagine the sense of achievement and pride when you complete a lure which you designed and it just looks magnificent.  You take it on your next trip and it casts with precision.  A couple of casting practices fall a bit short but the rig feels good and on your third cast you make it land exactly where you want and Bang, the water explodes with life.  Some time later you have that magnificent Bass or Pike in your hands.

You caught it with a lure you designed and made and your tackle box has another 20 just like it.  This fishing trip is going to be fantastic.  Your buddies are green with envy and beg you to tell them all exactly how you did it.  That's changed their tune a little hasn't it.

Nothing else comes close.  You are the man.

Want to really feel that?

That is a very real experience whether you are making spin bugs for bass fishing, making freshwater fishing plugs, saltwater fishing lures, floating cork spin bugs it is possible to take a block of wood or some cast off plastic and turn it into a a freshwater or saltwater lure made to resemble whatever bait your favorite fish loves.

Follow this link to discover the tricks and templates to making your own lures successfully.

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