Sea Fishing Lures, Reels, Braided Line and Rods on a Fishing Charter. – Part 2

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Not long after that we relocated to hunt some whiting. We traveled for about 1 1/2 hours and then anchored over the fishing

What you get when you take a sea fishing charter.

A nice 1/2 dozen whiting.

grounds. All rigged up and into the water. Whiting have a bag limit of 10 per person per day. They came on the bite as soon as the baits hit bottom at around 32m (105ft). Almost all the whiting which came to the surface were legal size and the count began to rack up pretty quickly. There were some small snapper and rock cod as well but nothing out of the ordinary until the person who caught the stingray managed to catch a skate of reasonable size.


He said that he was pleased to be on the whiting ground where he did pretty well, catching around 20, because without that he would have had a really crap day, one fish you can't eat or handle and a stingray wouldn't normally constitute a good days fishing.

The absolute novice was worn out, she caught 50 fish in total but only 5 legal sized fish. She caught 37 fish before her first legal one. She beat the rest of us hands down for numbers caught although we beat her with size and numbers of legal ones caught. All in all we had an excellent days fishing and cooked one snapper and 2 whiting on the bar-b-cue when we got home.

So the question I hear you all shouting is "what bait or lures did you use?". For the snapper we used squid and strips of fish. The novice also had smaller hooks with pink feathery skirts on them so she had a lure and bait. The other lines had two hooks in an almost ganged fashion. Both were tied to the same leader, one above the other and were about 1/0 sized. It didn't seem to matter if they were baited individually or collectively, the fish still hit them hard. What the bigger hooks didn't do was catch the undersized fish as well. Not a bad thing even though they kept stealing the bait. The sinker was a lead snapper sinker around the 225g (8oz) weight.

On the whiting grounds the bait was also squid and cuttlefish but there was also some cockles. The cockles were the better bait but it is fairly soft so you only had two chances to hook up before it was gone. I began wrapping the cockle in squid strips which may have been a bit better. In any case we didn't quite manage to bag out before they went off the bite. We ended up with 59 whiting and 1 trevally for our efforts.

On both grounds the rods were the same as were the reels but I think the braided line was lighter for the whiting, not by much though.

For the cost and time we spent I think everyone felt they had received value for money and a most entertaining day out. We were back at the boat ramp at 4:00PM, quite a long day really and we were all tired and ready to call it quits. Back to Part 1.

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